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Roadway Management: Streets and Parking Lots

Road ManagementRedwood City uses a Roadway Management System (RMS) to maintain high quality streets, while spending the least amount of money on the most effective treatments. The typical asphalt road surface has a 20-year lifespan. If the road is not periodically maintained over its life it will fail. The failed areas need to have the entire asphalt and base material excavated and reconstructed prior to repaving. Reconstructing a road costs 20 times the expense of regular maintenance activities. In addition, an un-maintained road will experience considerable degradation in the last four or five years before failure, creating an undesirable roadway surface.

Redwood City’s RMS evaluates the needs and conditions of our streets and prioritizes maintenance and repair activities. Implementation of this program is a joint effort between the Streets and Parking Lots Maintenance Section of the Public Works Division and the City’s Engineering and Construction Division. Planning, designing and building the roads are the responsibility of the Engineering and Construction division, while Pubilc Works manages the day-to-day maintenance and repair of the streets.

Redwood City's Current Road Conditions

The RMS program utilizes a computerized Pavement Condition Index (PCI) rating system that was developed by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. The index creates a standard for measuring the condition of existing roads. City streets are surveyed and a PCI rating is determined based on the pavement defects present in a sample area on each street. These defects include cracking, furrowing or rutting, potholes, and general weathering. The resulting data determines the level of maintenance or repair activities that will be required. The street repair work is prioritized and scheduled. Although road conditions are regularly monitored, PCI ratings are updated about every five years. Redwood City’s average PCI is “72”. This indicates that our roadways on average are very good!

The next time you experience some inconvenience and perhaps feel a little frustrated that City road crews are working in your neighborhood, remember that the City is trying to make the best use of roadway management funds, while providing you with the highest quality streets possible. Click here for information on the three phases of a roadway resurfacing project.

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