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High-Efficiency Clothes Washer Rebate Program (Commercial)

Redwood City has partnered with the LightWash program to offer $400 rebates for the installation of qualified high-efficiency commercial clothes washers in our service area. High-efficiency washing machines deliver excellent performance while reducing water use and energy consumptionlaundromat by up to 50% over conventional top-loading washers, and require less detergent.

Saving water and using less detergent also helps keep our Bay water clean by decreasing salt marshthe amount of phosphate-laden detergent discharged to the sensitive Bay ecosystem that supports plants and wildlife.

Eligible Redwood City water customers include:

  • Multi-family properties or institutions with a common area laundry facility
  • Businesses with on-premise laundry facilities
  • Coin laundry operations

There is no limit on the number of rebates per customer and rebates apply to both purchased and leased equipment.

For an application, a list of qualifying washers, and more detailed information go to LightWash or call toll free 866-307-WASH (9274). 

LightWash is funded by Redwood City and by California energy utility ratepayers with the support of the California Public Utilities Commission.  Please take advantage of this water, energy and moneysaving opportunity while funds last!

If you own or manage properties outside of Redwood City, you may be eligible for rebates through other participating utilities.

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