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How to Conserve Water for Large Landscape Irrigation

For property managers, homeowners associations, landscape contractors, or other businesses with a dedicated irrigation water meter, Redwood City can help maximize your water efficiency and save you $$!

sprinkleThe best way we can help you improve irrigation efficiency, reduce water waste, and improve the health of your landscapes is through our Large Landscape Audit Program. It’s a free service to all customers within the City that have dedicated landscape irrigation meters! And, our Water Use Program is an easy way to determine the average amount of water that you should be using, compared with your actual use.

Upon request, the City's irrigation consultant will visit your site to evaluate the condition of your irrigation system, assess its operation and possible need for repairs, and recommend changes in a detailed report that will help you save water and money. Typical recommendations might include improved maintenancesprinkle procedures, cost effective changes in irrigation equipment and better irrigation scheduling.

Call Redwood City's Water Conservation Hotline at 780-7436 for information, or contact the City's irrigation consultant, John Whitcomb, directly at or at (800) 800-9519 to schedule an irrigation evaluation.

We can also help you to evaluate your irrigation system with your Landscape Water Use Report:

  • This is the report you receive each billing cycle detailing your historical water use and estimating potential water and money savings, based on a 12-month water budget unique to your site. 
  • By consolidating water use data and evaluating use across the entire site, this report will help you in making informed scheduling decisions about your irrigation systems.

The Large Landscape Audit Program and the Landscape Water Use Report are suggested by the California Urban Water Conservation Council (CUWCC) in its Best Management Practice (BMP-5) for large landscape irrigation water users. The City Council launched the Redwood City program in early 2002 with the goal of helping customers reduce water waste and improve the health of their landscapes. 

As a result of our program, we saved nearly 2.7 million gallons in 2003, representing a 13% improvement in water efficiency at 74 homeowners association sites.

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