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Large Landscape Conservation Program 

The California Urban Water Conservation Council (CUWCC) developed a Best Management Practice (BMP-5) for large landscape irrigation water users.  The goal is to help customers reduce water waste and improve the health of their landscapes.  The City Council launched the Redwood City program in early 2002.  It focuses on increasing customer understanding of irrigation system maintenance and scheduling.  It is free to all customers within the city with dedicated landscape irrigation meters.   As a result of the program, the water that was saved in 2003 represents nearly 2.7 million gallons, or 61 acre-feet per year. When compared to 2002, this corresponds to a 13% improvement at 74 HOA sites.  The program will continue as long as there is a need for these valuable services. 


The primary elements of the BMP-5 Large Landscape Irrigation Efficiency Program are:

  • Landscape Water Use Report
    Each irrigation customer receives a report each billing cycle that details their historical water use and estimates potential water and money savings, based on a 12-month water budget unique to that site.  By consolidating water use data and evaluating use across the entire site this report assists customers in making informed scheduling decisions about their irrigation systems.
  • Irrigation System Surveys
    On request, our irrigation consultant visits sites to evaluate the condition of the irrigation system, assess its operation and repairs, and recommend changes. The customer receives a report detailing the findings.  Typical recommendations might include improved maintenance procedures, cost effective changes in irrigation equipment and better irrigation scheduling.

Program Enhancements for 2004

To further help customers who operate and maintain irrigation systems, the city is planning to offer two seminars in the spring of 2004:

Irrigation System Management Seminar (for HOA board members and property managers)
This presentation will provide information that will help attendees make cost effective decisions concerning their irrigation systems.  We will cover basic irrigation systems (maintenance, repair and operation), as well as current equipment technologies.  Improving communications with landscape contractors is a major goal of this session.  Coming March/April 2004 to a location in the Shores.

Landscape Contractors Seminar
As a complement to the seminar described above, this meeting will help landscape contractors better understand the city’s recommendations regarding irrigation maintenance and scheduling.

We encourage your participation in the program.  For more information contact the city’s consultant at or at (800) 800-9519.  Ask for John Whitcomb.

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