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Each gallon of recycled water used outdoors saves a gallon of drinking water for human consumption. Redwood City's recycled water is produced by Silicon Valley Clean Water at the wastewater plant in Redwood Shores. Recycled water is produced by boosting wastewater treatment with additional filtration and disinfection to meet State of California regulations. Recycled water is approved for irrigation and other non-drinking purposes.

Key Facts
  • Signs must be posted in areas where recycled water is used to indicate that it is not safe to drink.
  • Recycled pipes, valves and sprinkler heads are easily recognizable by their purple color.
  • Recycled water is exempt from drought watering restrictions.
  • Recycled water runoff into stormdrains is prohibited.
  • Cross connection to the potable water system is prohibited.

How Can I Get Recycled Water?

Approved Uses

Although recycled water undergoes a high level of additional treatment, it is not approved for drinking. For this reason, there are conditions for the use of recycled water. Recycled water is approved by the State Water Resources Control Board's Division of Drinking Water for the following uses:

** Use conditions are available in Appendix F of the Redwood City Recycled Water User Guidelines.

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