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Water Use Allocation Program Example

In this example, we look at two identical households with the same two-month Water Allocation for their outdoor landscaping - 10,000 gallons. As you can see, Household #1 is already using more than their allocation, while Household #2 is doing a good job of conserving.

A severe drought hits and both are required to reduce landscape water usage by 20% (for example) based on their Water Allocation. So their new allocation during the drought is 8,000 gallons for each two-month period.

(Please note: your bi-monthly water bill calculates water usage in units, with one unit equal to 748 gallons; for clarity of this example, water usage here is shown in gallons)

Example of Water Use Allocation
for Two-Month Billing Period
  Household #1 Household #2
Water Use Allocation during normal circumstances
10,000 gallons
10,000 gallons
Actual use
12,000 gallons
9,000 gallons
Water Use Allocation during drought period
8,000 gallons
8,000 gallons

Required reduction,
in gallons

4,000 gallons
1,000 gallons
Total % reduction from actual usage

The water-wise Household #2 is already below allocation, making drought reductions much easier—they only have to cut 1,000 gallons.

Household #1, which is using more than their normal allocation, has to cut far more to hit their drought target—they have to reduce usage by 4,000 gallons.

This example illustrates that conserving water now will help for today, and for the future when the next drought hits.

It's easy to apply for your Water Use Allocation - just call 780-7436 or click here to apply online.


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