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WAP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why are Redwood City residents receiving the WAP survey? Is it mandatory to fill it out?

It is not mandatory that Redwood City water customers fill out the Water Allocation Program Survey.  However, in the event of water rationing due to mandatory cutbacks in water use, the Water Allocation Program survey will be the basis for a fair distribution of water to our customers.  That’s why it is so important that we have information about how many people live in your home, how much watered landscaping you have, and any special needs for water.

Without this information, your home will get a default water allocation which may not represent your true water needs during a drought. In the meantime, we urge you to use the allocation information as a tool to see how well your household is using water.  If you are staying within your water budget now, you will be better prepared for cutbacks in the future.

2. Is there a deadline for submitting the survey?

There is no deadline for submitting the survey, but the sooner that we receive it, the sooner we can put your water allocation factors into the Program.

3. If I had submitted a survey a few years ago, do I need to do it  again?

The only reason you would have to resubmit a survey is if the number of people who live full time in your home has changed or there are significant changes in your landscape (like adding or removing a lawn).

4. I received a survey for my single family home but I didn’t receive a survey for my multi-family home (duplex, triplex, apartments etc.), why?

At this time, the Water Allocation Program is designed only for allocating water to single-family homes, landscape irrigation customers, and apartments and condominiums that have a water meter for each dwelling unit. The City will determine how to best allocate water to homes with shared meters and commercial businesses at a later date.  Once we do, we’ll contact those customers and request their water allocation factors.

5. How can I check my account information on WAP?

Go to and click on the “Log On” link in the middle of the page.  You will have to enter your account name exactly as it is written on your water bill, and your account number.  Once you have done this, you will have several options. For example: you can see data and compare your actual water usage against your WAP allocation, based on the information you provided about the number of people in your home and the landscape area. 

6. What tools do I need to measure my landscape?

You will need a tape measure (or measuring wheel), a pen or pencil, and something to write on.

7. Why can’t I add frequent visitors that stay at my house 3 to 4 times a week, along with the number of residents?

The water allocation that we give you is for the number of full time residents that live in your home.  The amount includes the water needed for flushing toilets, washing dishes and clothes, taking showers, etc. There is a standard additional amount included to account for pets, visitors, etc.

8. I have more than 20 potted plants, how do I measure them and does this fall within the “square footage of other landscaping?”

If you have potted plants throughout your landscape that you water, you should determine the surface area of each pot and include it within your “other landscaping areas.”

9. I need to drain and refill my pool, how is that going to affect my allocation? Will I be penalized?

No one will be penalized for filling out the survey.  As a reminder, at this time the water allocation information will only be used for allocating water in the case of mandatory restrictions in water use.  If mandatory water restrictions go into effect, water used for refilling a pool will be considered a discretionary use, and it will not be included in your allocation.  Normal pool refill due to expected evaporation is accounted for in your allocation.

10. How will home-based childcare providers be affected? Will extra water be allocated per child per day? How would you calculate the gallons each child uses?

Licensed child care facilities that are being operated from a single-family residence should contact the City at (650) 780-7436 to discuss their water allocation in the event there is mandatory water rationing

11. If I have a larger landscape how will mandatory rationing effect me?

The City is using the Water Allocation Program as a way to fairly distribute rationed water to all residents.  If water rationing goes into effect, the amount of water that is allocated for irrigating landscape will be reduced first, and it will be reduced the greatest.

12. I need help measuring my landscape; can the water conservation program help me?

The City has over 23,000 water service connections and a limited amount of resources.  That is why the Water Utilities Division is only able to help those who are physically unable to measure their own landscape.  Persons with disabilities can contact the Water Conservation Program at 780.7436 to apply for assistance with measuring their landscape.

13. I have a vegetable garden, under which category should I record it - “lawn” or “other landscaping?”

Like a lawn, a vegetable garden requires a larger amount of water than ornamental shrubs.  We suggest adding the square footage of your vegetable garden as an addition to the “lawn” calculation.

If you have other questions about Redwood CIty's Water Use Allocation Program, please call our Water Conservation Hotline at 780-7436.


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