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Your Free WaterWise Gardening CD-ROM
is Waiting For You!

waterwise CD

A world of great gardening and landscaping ideas is just a mouse click away when you have Redwood City's WaterWise Gardening CD-ROM on your desktop!

It's custom-made just for Redwood City's unique landscapes, weather, and soil conditions - perfect for YOUR garden and landscaping!

To request your free Redwood City Gardening CD-ROM click here or call 780-7436. Click on the links below to take a quick virtual tour of the CD-ROM.

Redwood City's WaterWise Gardening CD Features:

Garden Tours: Features many examples of water efficient gardens right here in the Redwood City area.

Garden Gallery: Offers great examples of ornamental garden features, such as decks, patios, trellises, gates, gazebos, fences, walkways, and more ways to enhance your garden.

Plants: Look up plants by type, size color or name, and view plant photos, and plant characteristics.

Garden Resources: A virtual encyclopedia of WaterWise gardening design, maintenance and irrigation to maximize your water use efficiency.

Are you...

  • Planning to re-design or make improvements to your garden?
  • Looking for information on plants, watering, or irrigation techniques?
  • Learning about decks, patios, walkways, gates, or gazebos...or anything else to do with gardening and landscaping?
...then call 780-7436 or click here to request your copy of Redwood City’s new WaterWise Gardening CD-ROM.


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