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City Council Approves Water & Sewer Rate Increases
Annual increases over three years
approved at City Council meeting on June 10, 2013

Why is a sewer rate increase necessary?

Redwood City provides wastewater service to approximately 26,500 residential and 1,500 commercial customers located in and around the City. Wastewater is collected via a network of 192 miles of sewer pipelines and 31 sanitary sewer pump stations, and is then transported to the the South Bayside System Authority (SBSA) for treatment and disposal.

As in the past few years, an increase in sewer rates is urgently needed for two purposes:

  • The replacement of outdated facilities at the SBSA, where Redwood City’s wastewater is treated. The total cost of those projects is nearly $400 million and, based on our community’s portion of the usage, Redwood City is responsible for over $200 million of that, over the next decade.
  • The ongoing repair and replacement of the City’s aging sewer infrastructure, including pipeline replacement and sewer pump station rehabilitation, to ensure your home has dependable, quality sewer service. The City’s program to replace pipelines and upgrade sewer pump stations has an estimated cost of over $100 million over the next 10 years. Without annual increases in rates, there would not be enough funding to carry out this program, putting parts of our sewer system at increased risk of failure. In the coming fiscal year we will replace or rehabilitate approximately 17,000 linear feet of sewer pipeline, and begin design and rehabilitation or improvements to three sewer pump stations.

What would a 9% sewer rate increase look like on my sewer bill?

Proposed Increases to Monthly Basic Sewer Service Charge for RESIDENTIAL Customers

Current Monthly rate

New rate
(year 1 / 2 / 3)
Monthly $ Increase
(year 1 / 2 / 3)
$57.88 $63.09 / $68.77 / $74.95 $5.21 / $5.68 / $6.18

Increases to Service and Usage Charges for COMMERCIAL Customers

The minimum monthly charge for all commercial sewer customer types is increasing from its current rate of $57.88 to:
$63.09 (year 1)
$68.77 (year 2)
$74.95 (year 3)

The new commercial usage rates, for water usage above the minimum charge, are based on the number of units of water used, depending on the type of business.

Approved Increases to Usage Rates for COMMERCIAL Customers

Commercial Customers


FY 2013-14

FY 2014-15

FY 2015-16

Cost per Unit

New Cost per Unit

New Cost per Unit

New Cost per Unit

Institutional / Public





Retail / Commercial

























(Note: one unit = 100 cubic feet or 748 gallons)


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