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The One Hour Star Wars Trilogy: LIVE! by Donna Northcott

The One Hour Star Wars Trilogy: LIVE! by Donna Northcott
Directed by Co-Artistic Director Bora “Max” Koknar
Dec 12 – Dec 22

From the same idiots that brought you last year’s production of The Making of The Star Wars Holiday Special: LIVE!, this year they’re bringing the full force of the original trilogy to celebrate the end of the Skywalker saga. A loving tribute and parody, The One Hour Star Wars Trilogy: LIVE! tells the stories of New Hope (AKA Star Wars for us old folks), The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi in roughly one hour. There will be jokes, toys, a live “trailer” for The Lord of the Rings, ridiculous props and costumes, and general geekiness.

$15 general admission; $100 for the VIP box (seats 4 with champagne and chocolates)

Preview – 12/12 8:00pm (pay what you will)
Opening – 12/13 8:00pm
Show 2 – 12/14 6:00pm
Show 3 – 12/14 9:00pm
Show 4 – 12/15 6:00pm
Show 5 – 12/15 8:00pm
Show 6 – 12/19 8:00pm
Show 7 – 12/20 8:00pm
Show 8 – 12/21 6:00pm
Show 9 – 12/21 9:00pm
Show 10 – 12/22 2:00pm
Show 11 –  12/22 5:00pm

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