Slow Streets Pilot Program

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Slow Streets Neighborhood
At the City Council meeting held this past Monday, the City Council authorized a temporary pilot program to encourage reduced driving on a few streets, while the Shelter-in-Place Order is in effect. The intent of the Slow Streets program is to allow residents to more safely walk and bike with members of their households on already low-traffic streets.
For a printable version of the program elements, click here

What the Program Does

  • Increases space where people can get physical activity while abiding by social distancing protocols
  • Maintains local access to homes and businesses
  • Maintains emergency and delivery access

What the Program Does Not

  • Provide space for people to congregate with friends or neighbors
  • Install barricades and signage at every intersection (only select streets have been identified)

What Streets are Included in Phase 1?

There are 10 streets included in the first phase of the pilot program. In total, there are 5 miles of temporary soft closure (2.5% of total streets in the City). To view a printable map, click here. You can also view the streets in an interactive map by clicking here.  Road_Closures_Print_Council_Approved
If you'd like to suggest a street to be considered for the program, request a street change, or have overall feedback,  complete the below form or email


Frequently Asked Questions 

(Last updated May 1, 2020)

Will I still be able to get to my house?
Will the signs/barriers be in place 24/7?
If I live on a Slow Streets block, what do I do with my trash, compost and recycling carts?
Are these streets closed to people performing essential services (emergency vehicles, waste collection, street sweeping, essential construction activities, deliveries, etc.)?
How can I share my feedback on specific issues that arise?
Slow Streets Signs