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This is a community that believes in working together to maintain and improve our quality of life. In fact the City Council of Redwood City formally adopted a "Core Purpose" - Build a Great Community Together.

This represents our commitment to community building, which is a crucial part of how we do business every day. It's important, especially in difficult economic times like we're now experiencing, for everyone in our community to do their part, to takeevent2responsibility for being part of the solution to neighborhood issues that may arise.

We encourage people to get to know their neighbors, join their neighborhood associations, stay informed by signing up to get the City's e-news, attend the many fun family events and activities sponsored by the City, strengthen your neighborhood by becoming a neighborhood liaison, or get involved in community projects. In fact, below is a list of 150 small, easy things you can do to help build community!

Community members are encouraged to address and resolve neighborhood issues by partnering with their neighbors - and with the City. We have found that the best solutions come about from such partnering - neighbors doing their part, and the City doing ours; by simply working together.

Here are links to a number of City resources that you may find useful, and again, welcome to the community of Redwood City!