Community Benefit Improvement District 

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In July 2014, the property owners of downtown Redwood City voted to approve the creation of a Community Benefit Improvement District (CBID) that is known today as the Redwood City Improvement Association (RCIA).  The property owners created this association to fund special benefits above and beyond normal city services for the district to keep the downtown attractive, clean, safe, orderly, and well-publicized.  The assessments, approved by the property owners, are collected as part of their yearly property bills and are then given to RCIA, a non-profit organization, to advance the District’s goals and priorities.  To learn more about the Redwood City Improvement Association visit their website here.

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  • How are the Assessments calculated?

  • How long will these Assessments be collected?

  • Is funding for schools or other services impacted by the creation of this district?

  • What else can I expect in the coming year?

  • What projects have been completed so far?

  • What special benefits does the organization provide?

  • Which property owners pay into the Association?

  • Who can I call with more questions?

  • Who governs the Association?