Outdoor Dining During COVID-19

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Outdoor Dining

Supporting Outdoor Restaurant Dining Citywide During COVID-19

Effective June 6, 2020 Outdoor Dining is permissible under the San Mateo County Public Health Officer's Order (here). Per the Order, outdoor dining provides access to freshly prepared meals at a relatively low risk of transmission.

To assist restaurants, the City of Redwood City issued an Executive Order Proclamation (here) to relax existing regulations to allow the use of public and private areas for outdoor dining. The Emergency Declaration was signed on June 15, 2020.

Temporary Outdoor Dining COVID-19 Permit

The City is facilitating a new program to allow expanded outdoor dining for Downtown restaurants starting June 26, 2020. The program will operate 7 days a week until September 30, 2020. Restaurants can now obtain a Temporary Outdoor Dining COVID-19 Permit to use parking spaces for dining starting June 26.

The program involves partial closure of streets in the Downtown to allow dining on selected sidewalks and street parking areas.

Temporary Full Closure to Vehicular Traffic

  • Main St. - between Middlefield and Broadway
  • Broadway St. - between Main and Jefferson (Jefferson open to traffic)
  • Broadway St. - between Jefferson and Middlefield (Middlefield open to traffic)
  • Theater Way

Note: An emergency vehicle lane is designated on each closed street for emergency use and pedestrians to pass.

Streets Not Closed, but have Expanded Dining using Sidewalks and Parking Spaces

  • 2400 block of Broadway St. - between Hamilton and Marshall (Broadway St. open to traffic)
  • 2600 block of Broadway St. - between Perry St. and El Camino Real (Broadway St. open to traffic)

Note: Barriers between the traffic lane, tables and chairs will be set up by City staff.

6.26.2020 Dining Published Map

In addition, restaurants may use private property, such as parking lots, for outdoor dining. The same application for outdoor dining on sidewalks and public parking spaces applies to the use of private property. Application fees have been waived per the Executive Order Proclamation. 

Please submit completed applications via email to encroachment@redwoodcity.org (please do not send physical mail).

General Requirements

All restaurants must follow the guidelines set by the San Mateo County Health Officer, set forth in the Health Officer Order and related State's Industry Guidance. The San Mateo County's press release includes additional information regarding outdoor dining.

Please note the following information:

  • Current holders of Sidewalk Dining Permits and applicants for a Temporary Outdoor Dining Permit will need to provide proof of liability insurance and indemnification of the City as well as a diagram showing placement of tables and chairs.
  • Restaurants that want to place tables and chairs in front of adjacent storefronts will need the permission of the property and business owner.
  • If a restaurant wishes to serve alcoholic beverages as part of outdoor dining, a permit is required from the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (https://www.abc.ca.gov/).
  • Restaurants are responsible for providing, setting up and taking down tables and chairs on sidewalks or parking spaces. Only tables and chairs are allowed in the designated areas for dining. There is no room for outdoor heaters, beverage tables, podiums, etc. Strollers or personal belongings cannot encroach in traffic lane or pedestrian sidewalk paths. Restaurants are encouraged to use reservations to help manage outdoor dining and queues of customers waiting for tables.
  • Restaurants must keep dining areas clean and adhere to Social Distancing Protocols per San Mateo County Order No. c19-5F.


General questions about the program:

Questions about the permit process/application and to submit a completed application: