New High Tech and Emerging Technologies

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The City of Redwood City has recently begun to track new high technology and emerging technology companies.  These companies are on the forefront of business development and the requirements of these firms are often not based on traditional models.  By identifying and reaching out to these companies, the City is committed to maintaining an environment for “clustering” as well as supporting growth and development of these important businesses that signal changes in the landscape of the Silicon Valley and beyond.  It is the City’s goal to welcome these businesses and remove any obstacles to the location of these companies in the City.    

Some of the Companies
  • Actiance, Inc.
  • Alation, Inc
  • Armo Biosciences Inc
  • Autogrid Systems, Inc
  • Basehealth
  • Big Monocle
  • US LLC
  • E-La Carte
  • Ecommera Inc.
  • Evernote Corporation
  • Flint Mobile, Inc.
  • Flywheel
  • Impermium Corporation
  • Innov8 Interactive, LLC
  • Liveops, Inc
  • Openwave Mobility, Inc.
  • Tely Labs Inc
  • Thoughtspot
  • Yummly Inc