Sales Tax Data

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Sales Tax currently represents approximately 21% of revenue sources to fund city services.

Sales Tax by Segment

Information on sales tax by segment provides data by economic category (e.g., transportation, retail, business to business, etc.) which can be measured to compare fluctuations in the market and local market conditions. This fluctuation can be affected by the number of establishments or the health of this particular category. For example, in the transportation category, the number of automobile dealers has a direct impact on the sales volume. Conversely, if the market is doing well, the revenues will also increase based on the volume of sales. Comparing by sales tax information by sector, economic segments at risk or economic segments that are expanding are more easily identified. 


Redwood City Retail Stores Sales Tax (2017)Retail Stores TaxYear to date Total All Sales Tax - $19,458,843


Sales Tax Generators

This is a listing of the top 25 sales tax generators in the City in random, alphabetical order. Since this is competitive, confidential information, the data is provided as a benchmark to identify the top producers and to assist the City in economic development retention and attraction efforts. Sales tax generation includes both retail and business-to-business sales.

AB Sciex

Enterprise Rent-a-car

Putnam Lexus

Airport Home Appliance

Ferrari Silicon Valley

Roberts & Brune Company

Boardwalk Auto Center

Granite Rock Company

Safeway Stores

Boardwalk Chevrolet

Honda Redwood City


Carlsen Porsche

Hopkins Acura

Target Stores

Carlsen Subaru

Land Rover

Thompson Toyota

Central Concrete Supply

Oracle Corp

Towne Ford Sales

Costco Wholesale

Peninsula Infiniti

Towne Mazda

Davies Appliance Store