Ad Hoc Committees

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Council Ad Hoc Committees

Ad Hoc Committees are established on an as needed basis for the purpose of addressing particular issues that will not require permanent Committees. Ad Hoc Committees may be reviewed on an annual basis for realignment with Council priorities as necessary. These Ad Hoc committees are not Brown Act bodies.

City-Owned Property

  • Mayor Howard, Vice Mayor Masur and Council Member Bain
  • Staff Liaison: Mark Muenzer, Community Development and Transportation Director

Environmental Initiatives

  • Council Members Bain and Hale
  • Staff Liaison: Terence Kyaw, Public Works Services Director

Sea Level Rise/Stormwater Regulation

  • Council Members Borgens, Hale and Reddy 
  • Staff Liaison: Ahmed Haya, Senior Civil Engineer


  • Mayor Howard, Vice Mayor Masur and Council Member Aguirre
  • Staff Liaison: Melissa Stevenson Diaz, City Manager

Port / City Committee

  • Mayor Howard and Vice Mayor Masur
  • Staff Liaison: Melissa Stevenson Diaz, City Manager

Safe Parking

The City of Redwood City is continuing to explore options to prohibit overnight parking while offering safe parking options for our RV/Motorhome residents.

  • Council Members Hale and Reddy
  • Staff Liaison: Teri Chin, Human Services Manager



Supporting Documents

May 27, 2020 Safe Parking Agenda May 27 Safe Parking Meeting Recording
May 27 Meeting Minutes
June 1, 2020 Safe Parking Community Meeting Agenda
June 1 Safe Parking Community Meeting Recording

June 1 Powerpoint Presentation