Public Arts Master Vision

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Public Arts Master Vision

The Public Arts Master Plan has served the Civic Cultural Commission, the Public Art Task Force, and staff very well. However, because of the increase in public interest and new art initiatives, Commissioners, Task Force members and staff agree additional work is needed. Earlier this year, the City released an RFP to select a consultant to create a public engagement process for further defining what types of art there should be within the City, identifying specific locations for art, determining aesthetic direction, considering the long-term approach to public art and providing further review and recommendations for improvements to existing procedures related to public art. The City selected Fung Collaboratives to lead this Public Arts Master Vision process.

The update and reimagining of the original Master Plan will provide direction to the Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Department, the Public Art Task Force, the Civic Cultural Commission, and various local arts organizations, as well as guide the City Council in the planning and processes necessary to further develop, administer and maintain a dynamic public art program in the City of Redwood City. The scope of work includes public outreach and community education, including but not limited to, the facilitation of a series of community meetings and public art workshops for City leadership, art collaborations/supporters, and the general public. Fung Collaboratives will be responsible for the preparation of preliminary design for the Master Vision of public art in the city, which will include evaluation of policies and procedures, prioritization of City needs related to public art, identification of types and locations of art throughout the City where appropriate, and recommendation of processes necessary to the creation of a clear and effective future for public art in the City of Redwood City.


The Redwood City Civic Cultural Commission (CCC), established by City Ordinance 1494, serves on behalf of the Redwood City Council and is responsible for supporting and enhancing cultural life in Redwood City.  It works toward this goal by:

  1. Celebrating the diversity of the Redwood City Community,
  2. Encouraging exceptional quality and excellence in programs,
  3. Supporting community building through cultural activities,
  4. Recognizing that art, in all its forms, including visual, dramatic, music, dance, film, literature or other artistic expressions, is essential to a vital community.

The powers and duties of the Civic Cultural Commission are found in Sec. 2.113 of the Code. Duties include recommendations to City Council or City Manager regarding:

  • The establishment of programs stimulating and encouraging the development and maintenance of the performing and visual arts in the City and to review periodically such programs as are so established,
  • The establishment of programs memorializing or giving recognition to matters of cultural significance in the City and to review periodically such programs as are so established,
  • The removal, relocation, or alteration of existing works of art or items of cultural significance in the possession of the City,
  • The acquisition by the City of any work of art or item of cultural significance and the proposed location thereof,
  • The aesthetics of the design and site development of any building, monument, or other structure to be constructed or acquired by the City,
  • Any matter affecting the beauty and culture of the City.

With the interest in public art growing, and requests for new public art to be placed in certain locations throughout the City, the Commission recognized that a consistent and comprehensive review and approval process needed to be formally adopted. In October 2012, the Mayor appointed two Council Members to serve with the Civic Cultural Commission’s Public Art Subcommittee to form a Public Art Task Force. 

The Public Art Task Force and the Civic Cultural Commission then worked together to create a “Public Art Master Plan” that provided review and approval processes as well as identified “art corridors” within the City for potential locations for public art. This plan was approved by the City Council on July 22, 2013.

Since this time, the interest in public art has blossomed in many ways. This includes the creation of the Utility Box Mural Program, the Commercial Way Mural Corridor Program, partnerships with the Redwood City Improvement Association for “Shadow Art” and the “Flora from Fauna” murals in Downtown Redwood City, and the passing of the “Percent for Art Ordinance” by the City Council on June 27, 2016.

The update and reimagining of the original Master Plan, through the Public Art Master Vision process will guide the future of public art in Redwood City.

Public Art Master Vision 

Master Vision

Past Events

September 19: Public Art Panel Discussion at the Veterans Memorial Senior Center (Redwood Room) from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. 

Event Flyer

Expert administrators from the field of public art will share some of their most successful public art commissions and stories. The panel includes Jennifer Easton, Director of public art for BART, Elise De Marzo, Director of public art for the city of Palo Alto, and Robin Lasser, art professor at San Jose State University and public artist. Followed by the distinguished panel presentations, Lance Fung will moderate a panel discussion about best practices for city implementation of public art programs and what the panelists view as important goals to consider for Redwood City as we move forward. Q & A will follow the presentation and then an informal reception will take place so the public will have the opportunity to meet the panelists.

October 26: Public Art Presentation at the Redwood Shores Library from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Curator of Fung Collaboratives, Lance Fung, will give a 45 min presentation about the definition of public art, showing examples of some of the most successful artworks from around the world as well as some of the most unsuccessful attempts. Since Contemporary Art and art, in general, is so subjective, this presentation hopes to simply add to one’s visual vocabulary so that each person leaves with a greater understanding of why public art can be beneficial to helping to develop a greater sense of place and community. Q & A will follow the presentation and then a light reception will take place to informally mix and continue the discussion.

November 9: Public Art – Public Input Session at the Veterans Memorial Senior Center (Redwood Room) from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Artists, art enthusiasts and supports, and the general public are invited to be a part of a roundtable brainstorming session. Warren Dale will assist Fung Collaboratives in creating an interactive evening to discuss what the community wants to happen under the umbrella of public art in Redwood City. The goal is to compile a list of possible locations as a community as well as share your personal thoughts. We hope to provide the City with possible themes, philosophies, and general benefits that the community feels are important.