Housing and Human Concerns Committee

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The Housing and Human Concerns Committee was established by City Council action on December 12, 1977, and reconfigured on January 16, 1995.  The Committee is the successor of the Housing Concerns Committee, created in 1971, but has a wider scope of responsibilities than the former committee. On January 30, 1995, Council approved Minute Order 95-025 establishing nine 4-year staggered terms. On December 16, 1996, Council approved terms commencing June 1 and expiring May 31 of even numbered years.  On December 11, 2006, Council approved Minute Order 06-234 to amend the Housing and Human Concerns Committee By-laws to allow election of officers to occur in September of each year following City Council committee appointments and add a new section, Article III Officers, Section 3.6 Vacancies of Officers to read:  If a vacancy of the Chair or Vice Chair occurs during the officers’ term, the Presiding Officer shall hold an election at the next regular meeting provided that at least 14 days are available to properly notice the upcoming election.On September 27, 2010 by Minute Order 10-177, Council reduced the number of members from nine (9) to seven (7) voting members appointed from interested and committed citizens of the City, of which no more than two (2) members may be appointed from interested and committed residents of the unincorporated area of Redwood City.

The Committee's goal is to advocate the improvement of the quality of life of Redwood City citizens and to assure that human considerations, as set forth in the General Plan, are given adequate consideration in physical and economic decision making.  The goal will be achieved through the collective leadership of the Committee in generating improved service and appropriate policy in those agencies responsible for social services. Further impact may be had by encouraging social responsiveness in legislation, zoning, police powers and recreation programs.

Areas Of Responsibilities

  1. Monitor changing social needs within the community and make recommendations for improved, changed and/or new services.
  2. Promote community awareness of social problems existing within Redwood City.
  3. Coordinate human service activities within the community.
  4. Promote adequate housing for all persons.
  5. Advocate housing selection by location, type, price, and tenure, and a free choice of housing for all citizens.
  6. Monitor and recommend changes, when necessary, in the housing element and the human services element of the General Plan.
  7. Develop and recommend community development block grant programs and strategies.
  8. Serve as the citizen participation vehicle for the Community Development Block Grant Program Application Process and Human Services Financial Assistance Funds Consolidated Plan to assure citizen input in the determination of use of those funds.