Library Board

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The Library Board consists of seven members, appointed by the City Council for terms of four years each and thereafter until their successors are appointed and qualified (as amended November 3, 2009 and filed by the Secretary of State February 9, 2010).  All members shall be residents and electors of the city at the time of their appointments and continuously during their incumbencies.

Board Members are passionate about the mission of our Library as the learning center of our community and the place where people turn to for the discovery of ideas, the joy of reading and the power of information. Their general duties and responsibilities include: 

  • Ensure that literacy remains a core value and a long-term guiding principle
  • Help create, approve and review the strategic plan
  • Act as a community liaison and Library advocate by actively soliciting community input and providing feedback to the public concerning Library policies and services, as well as issues being considered by the City
  • Seek collaborative opportunities to cultivate partnerships, raise funds and recruit volunteers
  • Enthusiastically represent the Library at the community and regional level
  • Review and comment on the Library Director’s proposed budget prior to submission to the City Manager and City Council
The Library Board meets regularly on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the Staff Meeting Room of the Downtown Library.