Transportation Advisory Committee

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Due to COVID-19, the City Council Chambers are not open to the public; the City will be conducting Zoom teleconferences. Instructions to join the Zoom teleconference via web or telephone and to email public comments are located on the meeting agenda here.


Agendas and Minutes

On April 22, 2019 City Council adopted a resolution approving formation of a Transportation Advisory Committee. Complete Streets are roadways designed and operated to enable safe, attractive, sustainable, comfortable, and independent access and travel for all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and transit users of all ages and abilities. This concept is embraced by the City of Redwood City.

Mission of the Transportation Advisory Committee

Increase safe, attractive, sustainable, and comfortable access and independent travel options for the Redwood City community, present and future, by promoting and utilizing Complete Streets principles and practices.

Focus and Duties:

The Committee has three focus areas:

  1. Help to create multi-modal transportation options that enable safe, attractive, sustainable, comfortable, and independent access and travel for pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, and motorists of all ages and abilities.
  2. Provide staff with recommendations for pragmatic and specific transportation solutions.
  3. Serve as a conduit for community input and to consider these requests and provide recommendations to staff.

The Committee is not a decision-making body, but is a recommending body to the City Council.  Accordingly, all duties of the Committee shall be under the direction of the City Council. 

Duties include (priorities and rankings will be set given resource limitations):

  1. Provide general input and assistance to staff regarding transportation projects, programs and policies, surveys, parking policies; generate ideas and recommend solutions as appropriate; and prioritize all recommendations from the perspective of the community, considering all ages and abilities.
  2. Serve as a resource to improve safety for people walking and riding bicycles throughout Redwood City, and provide the perspective of active transportation users for staff.
  3. Assist staff in identifying and prioritizing grant projects and research data and background information for grant applications.
  4. Assist with public education.
  5. Assist with public outreach in support of community workshops and communication, utilizing the committee members' networking connections and contacts.
  6. Review bicycle, pedestrian, transit, and transportation plans of other jurisdictions, identify and recommend concepts and components most suited to Redwood City.
  7. Identify opportunities for increasing bicycle, pedestrian, and transit use and mobility, and provide prioritized recommendations for consideration by staff, Planning Commission, and City Council.
  8. Review projects (transportation and development) and plans for Complete Streets criteria as appropriate. In some cases, City staff will bring projects to the Committee for its consideration. In other cases, the Committee may ask to provide guidance regarding specific projects or members may sit on a project's citizen advisory committee.
  9. Serve as a liaison between City staff and relevant local and regional pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and transportation organizations to keep staff advised of current issues and opportunities.
  10. Identify and prioritize possible citywide goals, such as reducing vehicle miles traveled, increasing sustainability, and implementing Vision Zero; including methods for measuring and tracking performance.

Click here to view the Resolution containing the Committee’s full list of duties.


Regular meetings of the Committee will generally be held once per quarter on the second Tuesday of the month. When appropriate, as determined by the chairperson and City staff, meetings may be scheduled more or less frequently. A quorum must be met. All meetings are open to the public and governed by the provisions of the Ralph M. Brown Act, Government Code Section 54950, et seq., and by all procedures relating to boards, committees, and commissions.

Staff resources to support meetings include one staff member who attends meetings and serves as staff liaison, and one staff member who attends meetings and prepares meeting packets, agendas, and finalizes action minutes.


The Committee shall consist of seven (7) members, appointed by the City Council, who are qualified either by experience or by demonstrated interest in the practices, policies, and applications of Complete Streets. The Council will appoint members who individually or collectively represent the values, needs, and concerns of all users of the City's roadways and transportation network system including people who walk, ride bicycles and other mobility devices, use transit, and drive, and including users of all ages and abilities.

At least five (5) Committee members will be residents of the City of Redwood City. No more than two (2) members may reside in unincorporated Redwood City or be employed within the City of Redwood City at one time. Continuously during their tenure, each member must be a resident of Redwood City, or a resident in unincorporated Redwood City, or be employed in Redwood City. A member appointed as a Redwood City resident may remain on the Committee after they are no longer a resident, provided that they either live in unincorporated Redwood City or are employed in Redwood City and further provided that the maximum of two such members has not been reached.  Applicants shall provide proof of Redwood City employment if not a Redwood City resident. Applicants shall be 18 years of age or older.

Members cannot hold any other public office or position in the City while serving as members of the Committee. All members will have the right to vote on all submitted motions at meetings. Members of the Committee will serve without compensation.

Terms Of Members

The terms of the three (3) pilot Committee members appointed in 2018 or 2019 shall be extended and expire on June 30, 2023. The terms of four (4) new members to be appointed in approximately July 2019 shall be two (2) years, expiring on June 30, 2021.

The term of office for future Committee members shall be four (4) years, expiring on June 30th of the fourth year. Members will continue to serve until their successors are appointed. In the event of a vacancy, a successor will be appointed by City Council for the remainder of the term.

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