Wireless Facilities in the Public Rights-of-Way

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Wireless Facilities are the antennas, support structures and other equipment or apparatus necessary for providing wireless services and information services. With the City properties, including thousands of light poles and privately-owned infrastructure, telecommunication service providers are able to locate their equipment in many areas of the City. With regards to municipal infrastructure, the City desires to assist companies in locating City-owned property sites that will help bring better service to the City.

On January 28, 2019, the City Council approved the modification to regulations of Wireless Facilities in the public rights-of-way and adopted a resolution establishing aesthetic standards for Wireless Facilities in the public rights-of-way. 

All companies who wish to install new Wireless Facilities on City-owned structures must enter into a Wireless Master License Agreement (MLA) prior to acceptance of encroachment permit application. Please contact Jun Nguyen (jnguyen@redwoodcity.org) for information regarding the Wireless MLA.

All utility companies who wish to operate within the City must also enter into an Encroachment or Right-of-Way Use Agreement prior to acceptance of encroachment permit application.

All Wireless Facilities, including the use of the City of Redwood City streetlight poles for small cell deployment, require the approval of an Encroachment Permit by the Engineering Division of the Community Development Department. Once you have completely filled out the application forms and gathered all the required supporting documents, Engineering will review your application to determine if it is ready to be submitted for processing. All applications must be submitted either in-person by appointment or by email to encroachment@redwoodcity.org. Please be aware that only complete application packages will be accepted for processing. Incomplete application packages will not be accepted.

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