City Manager's Initiatives

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In the City Manager’s office, we are involved in a great number of projects, activities, and initiatives focused on how we partner with and provide service to the people that live and work in Redwood City.

Many of these initiatives cross over into the City’s other departments, and sometimes into other organizations entirely. They all have on thing in common - The City's Core Purpose – Building a Great Community Together. In order to serve and enhance Redwood City’s community, our employees strive to carry out a set of Core Purpose and Values:

  • Excellence: Passion to Do Our Best in Each Moment
  • Integrity: Do the Right Thing, Not the Easy Thing
  • Service: We Care and It Makes a Difference
  • Creativity: Freedom to Imagine and Courage to Act

Each of these initiatives is developed and implemented with our Core Values in mind.


Contact us for more details on any of these Initiatives.