Frequently Asked Questions

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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • Are photos required?

  • How can I save my service request to finish it later?

  • How can I specify or edit the problem location?

  • How do I add/update my contact information?

  • How do I navigate the app and enter data?

  • How do I report illegally dumped items?

  • How do I share my comments?

  • I closed the app before I submitted my request - how do I get back to it?

  • If my phone freezes up, what happens to my request?

  • What can I do about graffiti in my neighborhood?

  • What can I report via the mobile app?

  • Where can I make comments on my request and see the comments from others?

  • Where does my request go once I send it?

  • Which information is required?

  • Who can I contact about potholes, issues with the sidewalk, street trees, curb and gutter, etc.?

  • Why does the App show my location as blocks away from where I really am?

  • Why is it important to give my contact information?

  • Why should I use this app?

  • Will I be charged for using the mobile app?