Neighborhood Engagement

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The City of Redwood City is dedicated to enriching the lives of the community, keeping our core purpose and values at hand as we strive to Build a Great Community.

Click on the links below to CONNECT with the city and the community, PROTECT Redwood City neighborhoods and ENGAGE with your neighbors through a number of programs and initiatives offered.


Neighborhood Associations

Join a neighborhood association already established in your area of the city. Redwood City works with a number of Neighborhood Associations — these are voluntary, community-based groups of residents in a particular neighborhood or area that meet periodically to discuss and work with the City on neighborhood and community issues.

Join Next Door and stay up to date on neighborhood and citywide programs and events.


Neighborhood Watch Program
Neighborhood Watch focuses on informing the community how to discourage, deter and prevent crimes such as burglary, auto theft, car break-ins, and personal crimes which often occur in or near homes. The Redwood City Police Department has provided NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH assistance to neighborhood groups for nearly 25 years.

At least ten homes must be represented in order for the meeting to take place. Most meetings are held at a home or at a neighborhood facility.

Disaster Preparedness
Are you prepared for the next disaster? The City offers training to prepare your family and neighborhood for natural disasters like fires and earthquakes.

Emergency Alert System
Opt into the County’s alert system and receive updates on your home phone, work phone, cell phone and email. All alerts are based on your preference and profile.


Neighborhood Liaison Program
The City of Redwood City wants to help you help your neighborhood! We’ve partnered with the Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center (PCRC) to create a Neighborhood Liaison program. Neighborhood Liaisons are individuals who have great ideas for building community in their neighborhoods and they work with others to bring these ideas to life.

MyRWC app
Have you ever wanted to quickly report an issue — like a pothole, a non-functional streetlight, or an abandoned car — but didn’t know the number to call? myRWC is a simple, convenient tool that puts City Hall at your “fingertips”. Get it on your smartphone!

Other Helpful Links and Programs: