Neighborhood Liaison Program

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The City of Redwood City wants to help you help your neighborhood! We've partnered with the Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center (PCRC) to create a new Neighborhood Liaison program. Neighborhood Liaisons are individuals who have great ideas for building community in their neighborhoods and they work with others to bring these ideas to life.

neighborhodliaisonsSome examples of liaison projects include:

  • Block parties
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Neighborhood watch
  • Energy and water conservation
  • Community service
  • And more

Neighborhood liaisons truly help us fulfill our core purpose to build a great community together in Redwood City!

What does it mean to be a Neighborhood Liaison?

  • You'll participate in training workshops (led by PCRC) to strengthen your community-building and leadership skills
  • You'll plan neighborhood gatherings to learn about shared hopes and concerns
  • You'll work with neighbors to resolve neighborhood issues, develop and implement projects, and plan events or other community-building efforts
  • You'll learn about available City programs and resources and be a bridge for communication between the City and your neighborhood.

Benefits to Your Neighborhood

  • You'll get to know your neighbors, their hopes and dreams, and what they want to see in their community
  • You'll be able to communicate to the City about neighborhood issues, and receive assistance with projects and conflict resolution
  • You'll get to organize projects that help your community—such as block parties, neighborhood watch, or community clean-up days!


There are many city resources that neighbors can use when they’re self-organizing. The City can:

  • provide a gathering place or meeting room
  • offer coaching by PCRC to help plan meetings
  • help publicize and promote your neighborhood project or activity
  • offer a grant program that will help offset costs of neighborhood improvement projects

Neighborhood Toolbox

Community Improvement Grant Program Application (for block parties, neighborhood gatherings, neighborhood projects, etc.) Some Great Ideas for Bringing your Neighbors Together!
Neighborhood Contact Form [PDF] Sample Meeting Agenda [PDF]
Find out which Neighborhood Associations you belong to and get involved! Meeting Facilitation Handout [PDF]
Redwood City Neighborhood Watch Packet [PDF] Bring your neighbors together around Neighborhood Watch! "5 Steps to Resolving Conflict" Neighborhood Toolkit [PDF]
Block Party Outline [PDF] 150 Things to Build Social Capital [PDF]

Sound Interesting?

Simply identify an area in your neighborhood – from just a few houses to the whole block, or more - and you can be a self-starting Neighborhood Liaison! For more information or assistance, contact Aida Negrón at 650-513-0330 x306 or