About Clean Up Days

Twice a year, Redwood City’s Pride and Beautification Committee holds a special volunteer clean up day to beautify specific sites or areas, and to promote year-round pride in Redwood City. Clean ups target school sites, the waterfront, parks, streets, and many other areas. Spring clean up days are often combined with annual California Coastal Clean Up Day or Earth Day.

These clean up days have shown great success, bringing together volunteers from all walks of life who take pride in helping to keep Redwood City clean and attractive.

Community members are invited to show their pride in Redwood City by volunteering for a clean up day. Volunteers are provided with a complimentary continental breakfast.

About the Committee 

The Pride and Beautification Committee was established in February, 1987 and consists of participants from the community, schools, businesses, and local organizations. Participants serve without compensation or term limits, and work performed by each participant is done on a voluntary basis.

The committee promotes the quality of life in Redwood City by creating, participating in, and supporting activities and programs that improve the physical and aesthetic environment of our community by:

  • Educating the community about Redwood City's environmental assets and how to enhance and protect them.
  • Serving as liaison and resource for residents, schools, businesses, organizations and city government.
  • Acting as advocates for the civic and natural environment.
  • Advocating a high standard of community cleanliness, maintenance, and attractiveness.
  • Encouraging and promoting partnerships and participation of residents in improving our community.
  • Addressing a variety of issues including Graffiti Eradication; Neighborhood and Citywide Clean-ups; Earthday Activities; Abandoned Shopping Carts Removal; Mayor's Beautification Recognition Program; Recycling and Household Hazardous Waste Program; Tree City U.S.A., and other projects.

The Pride and Beautification Committee meets the second Wednesday of February, May, August, and November, at 8 a.m. at City Hall. The public is encouraged to attend. Resources are available through the City Manager's office.

Chairperson: Diane Howard, Redwood City Vice Mayor, email, 650-208-4774
Staff Liaison: Deanna La Croix, City Manager's Office, 780-7308

Past Agendas & Flyers

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