Analysis and Key Findings About Workers within San Mateo County

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County Workers Earning $15 or less within the County (According to the San Mateo County Health System) 

San Mateo County Health System key findings about workers earning $15 or less within the County, include:

  • The vast majority of low-wage workers are in the middle of their careers with nearly three quarters between 25-64 years old while only one fifth are 18-24 years old.
  • Low-wage workers’ racial and ethnic backgrounds parallel that of the County overall and primarily include Latino (35%), Asian (29%) and White (27%) workers. However, Latinos are three times more likely to be low-wage workers than Whites.
  • One-third of low-wage workers live in households that earn below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level, or $48,600 in annual income for a family of four.
  • Approximately 70% of low-wage workers are US Citizens.
  • More than half of low-wage workers have had at least some college education, and one-fifth have a Bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Many low-wage workers (43%) are a part of married couples in which both adults work, and a significant number (14%) are headed by single working women.
  • Nearly half (43%) live in households with children.
  • Low-wage workers are found in all industries, but are concentrated in Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services; Retail Trade; Health Care and Social Assistance; Accommodation and Food Services; and Arts, Entertainment and Recreation.

Redwood City Work Force Profile (According to San Mateo County Health System)

The San Mateo County Health System did assist with developing a profile of the overall work force in Redwood City, which according to 2014 U.S. Census Bureau data had 53,007 workers. 

Some of the San Mateo County Health System key findings about the Redwood City work force includes:

  • The majority of workers in Redwood City (67%) are age 30 to 54, while 17% of the remaining work force are 29 and younger and 19% are 55 and older.
  • A vast majority of workers (73%) make more than $3,333 per month, while 18% make between $1,251 and $3,333 per month and 9% make $1,250 per month or less.
  • The workforce is split fairly evenly between men (54%) and women (46%).
  • About 20% of workers identify as Hispanic or Latino, with the remaining 80% identifying their ethnicity as not Hispanic or Latino.
  • A large percent of the city’s workers (63%) are employed in five main industries: Information; Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services; Health Care and Social Assistance; Retail Trade and Public Administration. Two industries which have a high concentration of low-wage workers in the County, Accommodation and Food Services and Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation; make up a smaller portion of Redwood City industries, 5% and .7% respectively.
  • The largest concentration of jobs in Redwood City are geographically located in four primary locations: Charter, Downtown, the Port and Redwood Shores. 

City staff intends to use a survey to business owners about a proposed increase to minimum wage to better understand the number of low-wage workers in Redwood City.