Transportation Monitoring Report

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Redwood City Moves, the citywide transportation plan, was adopted in summer 2018. The Plan identified six mobility goals for the City:

  • Eliminate traffic fatalities and severe injuries by 2030 (Vision Zero)
  • Create a walking and bicycling friendly community
  • Provide seamless connections and improved street access to all areas within the city
  • Embrace innovation in all forms of emerging technologies, especially in ways to manage congestion and the transportation system
  • Reduce non-driving travel mode for all trips to 50% by 2040
  • Investment in projects that support a resilient, equitable, and sustainable transportation system

These goals are consistent with the City's adopted Strategic Initiatives. To evaluate its progress toward achieving the above goals, the City intends to develop and publish bi-annual Transportation Monitoring Reports. Below is a summary of the 2020 Transportation Monitoring Report. Data collection and analyses for this report was completed in late 2019.

The Transportation Monitoring Report and evaluation of transportation system performance in the City informs the project prioritization process and Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

Commute Mode
How Redwood City residents
commute to work

commute mode

Caltrain and SamTrans Ridership
Redwood City Caltrain Station and SamTrans bus stops ridership and systemwide ranking


 Bicycle and Pedestrian Metrics
Bicycle and pedestrian volume at major intersections and how they are related to collision incidents


Collision Reports
Collision data in Redwood City over the past few years; filter by date, severity, collision factors and more


 Traffic Volume
Average daily traffic volume on select Redwood City streets shown hour by hour





The entire transportation metrics dashboard is available here.

What is Vision Zero?

Vision Zero is a strategy to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries, while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all. First implemented in Sweden in the 1990s, Vision Zero has proven successful across Europe, and is now gaining momentum in major American cities. View organizations with Vision Zero missions and adopted policies across the country here.

Traffic safety is the highest priority transportation performance metric for the City. Redwood City Moves includes an official Vision Zero policy.  

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