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General Plan Amendment Initiation Requests

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The City of Redwood City continues to prioritize public health and safety during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In light of the existing shelter in place orders, City facilities including City Hall, remain closed. City staff continue to work remotely on a COVID-19 response and ongoing projects such as the Gatekeeper Process. Many tentatively scheduled City Council agenda items are delayed, including a review of the submitted Gatekeeper projects. While the City continues to investigate appropriate virtual public engagement processes, the City Council will not consider the Gatekeeper proposals until late summer or early fall 2020.

Currently, staff are reviewing the application submittals in preparation for a future City Council hearing. At this time, staff do not anticipate any changes to the proposed process for the hearing, which includes a high-level review of each project, provided by staff and subsequent Council questions and input on each of the projects. Staff anticipates a second Council meeting prior to the initiation of any project.


Since the adoption of the City’s General Plan in 2010, the City experienced significant growth and development due to a variety of factors. A strong economy and the adoption of the Downtown Precise Plan (DTPP) in 2011 streamlined project analysis and public review by setting overall development caps for office, residential, retail and hotel development. The cap for office space was reached and the cap for residential uses is almost met, which requires that any project exceeding these caps to request initiation of a General Plan Amendment.

What is the Gatekeeper Process?

The City Council has directed staff to initiate a one-time Gatekeeper process to evaluate pending General Plan Amendment Initiation requests. A “Gatekeeper” process is an approach to address the multiple proposed General Plan Amendment and DTPP Amendment requests. The City Council will consider, at a high level, multiple potential projects at one time to decide which projects should be reviewed and considered for General Plan/DTPP amendments. Consideration of these projects would be based on basic submittal requirements and a detailed project narrative that would be analyzed against the Council’s Strategic Plan and Priorities to determine if a project should continue to move forward with discretionary planning and environmental review.

Submitted Projects


Project Address


Existing Zoning/GP

Project Description

Projects within the DTPP


901, 947, 999 El Camino Real (Autozone)

052-351-010, 020, 030

P(DTPP) / MU-Downtown

154,000 sf office, 20-30 housing units for rent (all affordable) and 5,000 sf teen center


601 Allerton


P(DTPP) / MU-Downtown

80,000 sf office, 8 housing units for rent (all affordable), and 540 sf retail


1900 Broadway (Wells Fargo)


P(DTPP) / MU-Downtown

234,000 sf office, 54 housing units for rent (all affordable) , 10,870 sf retail, and 8,700 sf public open space


2300 Broadway (Chase Bank)


P(DTPP) / MU-Downtown

200,000 sf office, 15,000 sf retail, up to 20,000 sf public open space


1322/1326/1330 El Camino Real, 114-120 Madison (Record Man)

053-063-090, 053-063-100, 053-063-110, 053-063-120

P(DTPP) / MU-Downtown

130 housing units for rent (100 market, 30 affordable)


603 Jefferson, 750 Bradford (RCSD)


P(DTPP) / MU-Downtown

170,000 sf office, 68 housing units for rent and for workforce /teachers

Housing Projects


797 Arguello


CN/Commercial Neighborhood

2 housing units for rent over existing commercial space


505 East Bayshore


CG/Commercial Regional

60 housing units for sale (51 market rate 9 affordable) and 8,000 sf public open space


651 El Camino Real (American Legion)


MUC-ECR / Mixed Use Corridor

301 housing units for rent (233 market, 68 affordable for veterans), 12,000 sf American Legion Facility


1205 Veterans Boulevard and 1260 Oddstad Drive

052-432-010, 052-432-020

IP/Commercial Regional

430 housing units for rent (360 market, 70 affordable), 6,000 sf child care, 5,000 sf retail


Project Evaluation Criteria

On January 13, 2020, the City Council adopted their updated Strategic Plan, which provides focus for decision-making and City initiatives, with the strategic priorities of Housing, Transportation, and Children and Youth as the City Council’s top priorities. In line with Council’s direction, Gatekeeper projects will be assessed using the Strategic Plan priorities and goals, with the top priorities outlined below:

Strategic Priority:


Strategic Priority:


Strategic Priority:

Children and Youth

Meet our unique community housing needs for people at all income levels.

Create and maintain a multimodal, safe and accessible transportation network.

Create opportunities for children and youth to grow, learn and play in safe and healthy environments.




  • Preserve existing affordable housing
  • Protect housing options for low and middle income residents
  • Produce housing to meet Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) goals for moderate, low and very low income residents
  • Partner on housing opportunities for unique populations
  • Ensure Redwood City is considered in all strategic regional transportation initiatives
  • Create an action plan to implement Vision Zero strategies (zero fatalities or serious injuries involving road traffic)
  • Create policies and infrastructure to support zero emission trips
  • Increase the number and affordability of child care spaces
  • Increase opportunities for family entertainment, family-friendly businesses and youth activities
  • Increase opportunities for youth to provide meaningful input
  • Make key public meetings more accessible to families with children


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