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Traffic Calming Projects

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Since 1997, the City has used an administrative guiding policy (previously adopted by City Council) to consider traffic calming requests citywide. Staff began the work to update the policy in 2015 and sought feedback from the Complete Streets Advisory Committee (recently renamed as the Transportation Advisory Committee or TAC) in 2016.  On September 12, 2016, City Council adopted the Policy and Guidelines for Residential Traffic Calming (Guidelines). The guidelines describe the minimum amount of vehicle traffic with demonstrated speeding problems in order to be eligible as a traffic-calming project. Staff ranks identified projects according to certain criteria, a conceptual design is completed as funding becomes available, and the community is invited to provide input. Once complete, residents have an opportunity to vote on the conceptual design before TAC and City Council consideration. If supported at all steps, the project will proceed to design and then construction, as funding becomes available. Typically, a project may take 2 to 3 years to complete. It is a process with extensive community input and involvement, which contributes to the length of time from initial consideration to completion. It is possible that if there insufficient support for a project, the project will not advance to design and construction stages.

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Traffic Calming Schedule

Below are current and past traffic calming projects.

  Farm Hill Blvd   Hopkins Avenue
Roosevelt Ave  Livable Streets


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