Transportation & Parking

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The Transportation & Parking division:

  • develops and implements transportation master plans for roads, bridges, and highway overpasses
  • supports local and regional transportation networks and programs
  • designs parking facilities for motorized and non-motorized vehicles

Redwood City supports Complete Streets and Active Transportation, and provides transportation and mobility options for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and transit users of all ages and abilities. 

Transportation Projects

Citywide Transportation Plan

101 / Woodside Interchange

Farm Hill Boulevard Pilot Street Improvement Project

Hopkins Avenue Traffic Safety Project

Livable Neighborhood Streets


Downtown Parking

Monthly Parking Permits

Residential Parking Permits

Transportation & Parking Forms

Application for On-Street Accessible (ADA) Parking Space (English) (Spanish)

Curb Marking Request Form

Downtown Reserved Parking Request Form

Residential Permit Parking Program Request Form

Petition for Residential Parking Permit

Petition for Stop Sign Installation

Stop Sign Request Form

Streetlight Request Form

City of Redwood City Policy and Guidelines for Residential Traffic Calming

Traffic Calming Request Form

Traffic Calming Petition Form

Active Transportation

Pavement Management

The following transportation projects are partially funded by CalRecycle grants:CalRecycle Logo

  • 2014-2015 asphalt rubber chip seal and spot repair project (number of passenger tire equivalent (PTEs) diverted:  11,912)
  • 2015-2016 asphalt rubber cape seal and spot repair project (number of passenger tire equivalent (PTEs) diverted:  22,707)

Total (PTEs) diverted:  34,619