Pilot Evaluation Data & Community Feedback

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To evaluate pilot, the City of Redwood City has collected several data points both before the project and after. Community input was sought on this evaluation, the results of which can be viewed here.

The final project evaluation report for the Farm Hill Boulevard Pilot Street Improvement Project is available for review here and a summary of the results is here.

Post-Pilot Data

Mid-Pilot Data

Pre-Pilot Data

Community Meeting - November 17, 2015

The City of Redwood City held a community meeting at Peninsula Covenant Church on November 17, 2015 to receive feedback on the pilot from the public. Video from the meeting and materials that were distributed there are included below.

Please email any additional feedback on the pilot and/or the modifications presented below to farmhillfeedback@redwoodcity.org. Specific traffic feedback (what is the issue, where is it happening, when does it happen) is particularly helpful as we refine the design. Input received from the community and preliminary data collected on the project will be presented to the City Council in early 2016.

Materials presented at the community meeting:

Pilot Evaluation Community Survey - May/June 2015

The effectiveness of the redesigned roadway will be evaluated and presented to Council to inform whether the pilot should be made permanent.

Through the community process, livability and safety were identified as top priorities and as such, the evaluation should reflect the project’s ability to achieve these priorities.

Community input on the evaluation plan was solicited via an online survey between May 22nd and June 1st. Staff reviewed survey feedback and modified the evaluation plan accordingly. The proposed evaluation plan is available here.

There were 121 responses to the online survey. Survey respondents were asked to rank various attributes of the street, with the following results:

Attribute Overall Rank Average Rank
Improve safety 1 3.2
Improve ease of crossing the street 2 4.3
Decrease traffic congestion 3 4.5
Decrease speeding 4 4.6
Provide a Complete Street 5 4.8
Improve ease of entering traffic 6 5.0
Minimize traffic diversion 7 6.0
Improve physical appeal and comfort of use 8 6.2
Improve air quality 9 6.4
Scale: 1 (most important) – 9 (least important)

Additional findings from the survey can be found in the staff report for the June 22nd meeting.