Hopkins Avenue Traffic Safety Project

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Latest News

August 2019 Update

Installation of the pilot is underway. Alterations to the Alameda de las Pulgas/Hopkins intersection have already begun, in coordination with the pavement project in the area. A new dedicated left turn lane from Alameda de las Pulgas to Hopkins has been added, and the "connector" segment of Hopkins to Alameda de las Pulgas has been switched from two-way to one-way traffic. Striping changes are expected to occur August 12 - 16 throughout the entire corridor from Alameda de las Pulgas to El Camino Real, with the majority of changes taking place between El Camino Real and Clinton. The installation of curb extensions and median islands (made of rubber curb) are expected begin end of August. Raised crosswalks at King and Fulton will be installed as part of the pilot project, as well as pedestrian-activated beacons at Lowell and King. Expected completion of the pilot installation is the end of September. Data collection and community input will be gathered after the installation has been in place for at least 2 months.

April 2019 Update

Following the February community meeting, several changes were made to the pilot project plans. Updated plans are available here.  The pilot project is scheduled to go to council on April 22. If approved by City Council, the installation is expected to begin in June, with the pilot remaining in place for several months. Data collection and community input would be gathered in the fall, during a time when the local schools are in session.

February 2019 Update

The City is hosting a final community meeting to resolve outstanding concerns with the proposed pilot Hopkins Avenue Traffic Safety Project. Join the Mayor, Vice Mayor, Neighborhood Association Chairs and City staff from the Community Development Department and Redwood City Fire Department on February 27 at 7 p.m. at Redeemer Lutheran School (468 Grand Street). Light refreshments provided. 

January 2019 Update

Award of the construction contract to install pilot traffic calming measures on Hopkins Avenue from El Camino Real to Alameda de las Pulgas was continued at the January 28 City Council meeting to a future meeting to allow more time for additional community input. City staff will schedule a community meeting in February. The pilot project, which is proposed to be installed for a period of 3-4 months, will consist of striping changes and the installation of temporary rubberized curbs, median islands, and speed humps.  This includes the conversion of the Hopkins connector to one-way traffic.The components of the pilot project are consistent with the conceptual design approved by Council in April of 2018 and are available to view here.  Approximately two months after the installation of the pilot, a community survey will be distributed to gauge the success of the pilot.

November 2018 Update

The construction project to install pilot traffic calming measures along the Hopkins corridor went out to bid in early November and bids were opened on November 28th.  Staff is reviewing the bids and plans to award the construction contract in early 2019. Construction plans for the pilot project are available to view here.

September 2018 Update

City Staff met on-site with residents in late August to mark the locations of the proposed median islands.  These locations will be used to draft the plans for the pilot project, where the traffic calming devices will be installed with temporary measures such as rubber curbing and rubber speed tables.  Please contact staff using the contact information below with any comments regarding these marked locations.

August 2018 Update

City Council approved the conceptual design for traffic calming on the Hopkins corridor at the April 23rd meeting.  Much of the discussion at the meeting focused on the size and location of proposed medians, and whether a temporary pilot would be beneficial.  Council’s direction was to pilot the medians in order to facilitate further community input prior to final installation.  Staff is working with the consultant team to create a plan for the pilot installation and will be meeting with local residents regarding the location of pilot medians for each block on the the mornings of Tuesday, August 21st and Thursday, August 23rd from 9am-12pm. If you would like additional information regarding these site meetings, please contact the City using the contact information below.

Project Overview

Hopkins Avenue is a residential street connecting area residents to local destinations (e.g. Stafford Park) and to roads that access local and regional destinations (e.g. Alameda de las Pulgas, El Camino Real). In response to concerns raised by residents about the speed and volume of traffic on Hopkins Avenue, the City collected preliminary traffic-related data. Due to the width of the street (greater than 40’ wide), its classification as a minor collector street, and traffic volumes (more than 3,000 vehicles per day), Hopkins does not qualify for speed humps – the most common form of traffic calming. As such, other traffic calming devices (median islands, curb extensions, traffic circles, etc.) would be used to slow traffic. Due to the cost and trade-offs associated with these measures the City uses a community process to define the preferred design.


Community Engagement

Community Meeting – February 27, 2019

The Mayor, Vice Mayor, and staff from the engineering division and fire department met with community members to address some remaining concerns regarding the pilot project. As a result of the meeting, the following changes have been made to the plans:

  • The one-way traffic lane proposed on the existing connector from Hopkins to Alameda de las Pulgas was shifted toward the median to allow additional space for pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • A second, pedestrian push-button activated, rectangular rapid flashing beacon system was added to the intersection at Hopkins and King to facilitate pedestrian crossings to and from  Stafford Park.
  • Several median islands were shortened.
  • Median island between Grand and Fulton was extended.
  • The location of the existing stop sign on Hopkins at Duane was shifted toward El Camino.

The updated plans are now available to view here.

Complete Streets Advisory Committee Meeting - February 20, 2018

The Complete Streets Advisory Committee (CSAC) recommended forwarding the Hopkins Avenue Traffic Safety Project to the City Council for their consideration. The committee supported the design as proposed, with the exception of the permanent medians which they felt should be piloted before making permanent. The pilot would include an evaluation of the effectiveness of the design and further community feedback.

Community Survey - December, 2017

A survey was administered to gauge neighborhood support for the conceptual design in December, 2017.  A majority (63%) of the respondents (223) supported the conceptual plan. 

Community Meeting - September 6, 2017

Community Meeting - June 27, 2017

Redwood City hosted a meeting to share community feedback and to discuss conceptual designs for the corridor.

Community Meeting - December 8, 2015

Redwood City hosted a community meeting to discuss a possible traffic calming project on Hopkins Avenue. At the meeting, attendees agreed that existing traffic volumes, speeds, and behavior were undesirable, and they expressed interest in making changes to the street to minimize this behavior. However, no consensus was reached in terms of what the design should look like.

Resident Small Group Meeting - August 19, 2015

Redwood City staff met with a small group of residents to better understand their concerns and to solicit ideas for changes to the street.  Based on this feedback and the data collected, a Redwood City transportation consultant developed a traffic calming concept for the street. The concept was presented at the Dec. 8, 2015 Community Meeting.

After the City develops the traffic calming prioritization system, this website and interested residents will be updated on the status of a Hopkins project. No traffic calming changes will be made without additional community meetings, but Redwood City will continue to process traffic engineering requests (e.g. sign visibility, stop signs, red curb).

Project Contacts

Erik Zhen
Assistant Engineer

Jessica Manzi, PE
Senior Transportation Coordinator