Residential Parking Permits

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Residential Parking Permits 

Starting July 6, 2020, the Redwood City Police Department will resume permit enforcement in the four Residential Parking Permitted Zones. Please apply for or renew your parking permit below.

Permit Zones

The City currently manages a residential permit parking program for four residential permit parking zones. 

The existing residential permit parking zones have completed extensive community engagement before approval and include partial areas of the following neighborhoods: Stambaugh-Heller and Downtown, Friendly Acres, Canyon and Edgewood Park, and Mt. Carmel. 
  • Zone A – Stambaugh-Heller and Downtown (map)
  • Zone B – Friendly Acres (map)
  • Zone C – Canyon and Edgewood Park (map)
  • Zone S – Mt. Carmel. Zone (map)

Process to Petition the City for New Parking Permit Zones

Community members interested in creating a new residential permit parking area, please see the following tools to assist you:

Residential Permit Parking Program Request Form

Petition for Residential Parking Permit

Existing Permit Zones Application Process 


New online tool!

To apply for a residential parking permit please click on the icon below. 



Residential Parking Permit Online Application



To apply you will need the following details:

  • An address within a residential permit parking zone.
  • The existing permit parking zones include partial areas of the following neighborhoods:
    • Zone A – Stambaugh-Heller and Downtown (map)
    • Zone B – Friendly Acres (map)
    • Zone C – Canyon and Edgewood Park (map)
    • Zone S – Mt. Carmel (map)
  • An email address
  • Valid registration for each vehicle you would like to get a permit for(up to 3 per address)
  • Proof that you live at the address within the parking zone (can be vehicle registration, utility bill, lease or rental agreement)

To receive your permit(s) you can select to pick them up in person at City Hall or have them mailed to you. Permits will be mailed out within two week of their approval. All residents will have until the end of January 2019 to get their parking permits. 

If you have any trouble submitting and application or any questions please email or call (650) 780-7378. 

Frequently asked questions 

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