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Geographic Information System (GIS) is a division at the City of Redwood City that creates, maintains, and analyzes spatial data. These include foundational datasets like addresses, roads, and utilities, as well as more specialized datasets like zoning regulations, emergency response districts, and flood zones. Utilizing GIS technology allows the City to visualize and analyze spatial data to help inform decision making.

Redwood City GIS also generates tools to share data with the public. The most popular tool is the Community GIS, which allows viewers to look up property information, and is the primary point of access for citywide spatial data. Additionally, there are a series of web maps that focus on a singular service or dataset, which include maps like the Child Care Locator and the Neighborhood Lookup. In addition to web maps, there are a series of print maps in the Map Gallery, which are available for viewing and download.

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Stephen De Jong
GIS Manager
Direct: (650) 780-7230