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Web Maps

These Redwood City’s interactive web-based maps (or “web maps”) share data with the public in an engaging and accessible format. They range from full-service maps, like the Community GIS which can answer many property-related questions, to focus maps, like the Permitted Cannabis Site Locator that centers around one specific topic.

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City Council Election Districts Map
City Council Election Districts
Search by address to identify City Council Election Districts and district information

covid19 resource map
COVID-19 Support Services in Redwood City
Locate businesses and grocery stores currently open, as well as where to pickup no-cost groceries and meals


3D Building Viewer
Use Redwood City's first 3D web map to explore buildings and height info. More information

flood_zoneFlood Zone Map
View properties affected by the 2019 FEMA flood zone map changes


Neighborhood Lookup
Identify Redwood City neighborhoods and how to contact representative

Green Infrastructure Projects
View existing and proposed green infrastructure projects in Redwood City


Child Care Locator
Find child care centers in Redwood City and filter by age, schedule,
tuition type, and more

Permitted Cannabis Site Locator
View city parcels permitted for cannabis nurseries and delivery centers


Community GIS
Access property information, development projects, and more

View the status of building permits and planning applications


Crime Reports
View a map of crime data from the Redwood City Police Department

Transportation Storymap
Learn about Redwood City's current major transportation projects

 GIS Building Viewer Part 1

3D Building Viewer Video Tutorial Part 1

GIS Building Viewer Part 2

3D Building Viewer Video Tutorial Part 2



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