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3D Building Viewer

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Redwood City's newest interactive web map allows users to explore buildings in a 3D environment. The tool can be used to zoom in, out, and navigate around buildings to better understand their relationship to other buildings and has additional map features. The search bar can be used to find city addresses and zoom to the location, the measurement tool calculates distances and areas, and the shadow simulator tool shows shadows at different times of the day and year. The 3D Building Viewer also provides relevant measurement and property data for specific buildings including building height (estimate), base elevation (estimate), zoning, General Plan, and more.

The map includes a number of additional layers that can be made visible on the map, which includes:

  • Development Projects
  • Zoning
  • General Plan
  • Precise Plans
  • Priority Development Areas
  • Downtown Height Regulations
  • Neighborhood Associations
  • Street Trees
  • Landmarks
  • Aerial Imagery

How to Use

The following videos demonstrate how to navigate in the 3D Building Viewer and how to use the available tools.

Part 1 of 2 covers:

  • Selecting buildings and viewing building attributes (0:26) 
  • Navigation: panning, zooming, rotating (1:11)
  • View additional map layers (1:53)


Part 2 of 2 covers:

  • Shadow simulator tool (0:17)
  • Measure tool (0:48)
  • Search tool (2:31)
  • Help and more information (2:54)

Contact Us

For questions and help with the 3D Building Viewer, or to provide feedback, contact GIS support