Affordable Housing Impact Fees

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Final Adoption of the Affordable Housing Impact Fee Program

On December 7, 2015, the City Council adopted revised resolutions and the second reading of the Affordable Housing Impact Fee Ordinance. The staff report is available here.  

On October 26, the City Council approved the proposed Affordable Housing Impact fee program with the following fee levels and minimum project sizes:

Unit Type

Fee / Sq. Ft.

Minimum Project Size

Condos and Apartments 


5 or More Net New Units for Residential Projects

Single Family 


Townhome/Duplex/Triplex Developments 




More than 5,000 square feet of Net New Construction for Commercial Projects



Retail and Restaurant 



Affordable Housing Impact Fees are a type of charge that cities can require of new residential and commercial development. Money collected goes towards providing affordable housing, generally in partnership with housing nonprofits. For the past year, the City has been participating in a Countywide Nexus Study, a first step towards consideration of an impact fee. Multiple cities are considering updating or adopting affordable housing impact fees.

The City Council adopted a new Affordable Housing Impact Fee program at their October 26, 2015 public hearing with modifications described below. A second reading of the ordinance is scheduled for December 7, 2015 City Council hearing, at which point the program will be finalized. Yearly reporting will be scheduled to inform Council and the community about the fees collected and affordable housing projects identified.

News Release October 9, 2015




Letters and Resources from Interested Parties


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