Renter Protections - FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Renter Protections

    • Are there specific types of rental units that qualify a tenant for relocation assistance?

    • As a landlord, can I wait to offer the new lease or do I have to offer it now?

    • Can a landlord increase a tenants rent along with the required new offer of a minimum lease term?

    • I am a residential property owner, what is the minimum lease term I can offer a new or existing tenant?

    • I am a residential property owner, what properties apply under the City's rental protections regulations?

    • If my landlord and I agree to a different minimum lease than the City’s regulations, what do we need to do to comply with the City’s regulations?

    • If my tenant accepts my offer of a 12 month minimum lease, as required by the new ordinance, am I required to offer another 12 month lease at the expiration?

    • Is a landlord required to offer a 12-month lease on January 1, 2019 to a tenant that initially moved in with a lease and then converted to month-to-month?

    • My landlord is not complying with the minimum lease term regulations, what can I do?

    • What do I do if I need relocation assistance?

    • What type of relocation assistance is provided?

    • When do the minimum lease term regulations take effect?

    • Who is eligible for relocation assistance?

    • Who is not eligible for relocation assistance?