General Plan

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About the General Plan

Adopted on October 11, 2010, the General Plan is the blueprint for what Redwood City will be, a visioning document that guides the growth and development of Redwood City through 2030.  As a culmination of extensive community outreach and input, the General Plan establishes the basis for zoning regulations and provides guidance in the evaluation of development proposals.  In addition, it creates the framework for economic development, transportation improvements, and balancing residents' desires with regard to sustainability, City services, parks, and cultural and historic preservation.  The General Plan guides:

  • What the City will look and feel like.
  • Where and how we live.
  • How we will get around.
  • What we do for enlightenment, entertainment, and fun.
  • How we will live with and preserve natural resources.
  • Ways we will improve our quality of life.

Environmental Impact Report

To view the General Plan Environmental Impact Report, click here.

Sections of the General Plan

Front Cover

Introduction Letter



Table of Contents

Introduction: "Building Our Legacy"

Our Vision

The Built Environment:

Housing Element

Building Community Element

Public Safety Element

Natural Resources Element

Implementation Plan


Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

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