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The Redwood City Fire Department includes seven fire stations housing seven engines, one truck, one battalion chief and currently has over 90 staff members including firefighters, firefighter/paramedics, captains, battalion chiefs, fire prevention staff, training staff, and administrative staff.

Mission Statement

To protect life, property, and the environment from fire, medical, disaster, and hazardous materials related incidents through emergency mitigation, public education and code enforcement.


To deliver high quality, professional and effective customer service.

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The Insurance Services Office (ISO) has notified the Fire Department that it had achieved a Public Protection Classification (PPC) rating of “Class 1”. Nationwide, only 306 fire departments out of 46,000 have received a Class 1 rating – which is fewer than 1% of all fire departments. Before this current evaluation, Redwood City was rated as a Class 2 fire department and San Carlos was rated as a Class 3 fire department. San Carlos receives the Class 1 rating through Redwood City’s contract for fire services with them. ISO assigns a Public Protection Classification from 1 to 10. Class 1 represents superior property fire protection. To learn more, go here.


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The Redwood City Fire Department hired its first paramedics in spring of 1997. The first 3 paramedics worked at Station 11 on 2nd and Bay. In 1998 the Redwood City Fire Department sent 13 firefighters to school to become paramedics.

Today, there are no less than 8 firefighter/paramedics on duty (one on each engine and one on the tiller-truck) with a total of 27 firefighter/paramedics working for the department. All of our paramedics are cross trained as firefighters – offering a plethora of skills for emergency situations – they could fight a roaring structure fire in the morning and deliver a baby in the afternoon. 

Having a firefighter/paramedic respond to every call is advantageous to the citizens of Redwood City. The Fire Department usually responds to an emergency scene in less than 4 minutes and can start delivering life saving care upon arrival. Skills such as administering IVs, giving death cheating drugs, supplying advanced airway and breathing support, or delivering jolting electrical energy to a quivering heart are just some examples.