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The City of Redwood City is part of a Countywide program that offers emergency alerts to community members. The emergency alert system is called SMC ALERT. The alert notification system is used to immediately contact you during urgent or emergency situations. When you sign-up, you have the ability to customize and set alerts to send emergency and non-emergency text and voice messages to:

  • email accounts
  • cell phones, smartphones, tablets
  • voice messages to landline phones (home & work)

SMC ALERT is free. (Your carrier may charge you a fee to receive alerts on your wireless device). SMC ALERT is available in all cities and towns in San Mateo County.

Ways to Sign Up


Visit smcalert.info  


Text your zip code to 888777.


Frequently Asked Questions

What features are included when I sign up?

SMC Alert is offered through an emergency communications systems vendor Everbridge, Inc. and features include:

  • Customizable alerts including public safety, wildlife and road closure notifications
  • Map-based technology
  • Property notifications to smaller neighborhoods based on a user’s location

What types of messages will I be sent?

Alert types may include life safety, fire, weather, accidents involving utilities or roadways, or disaster notification such as an earthquake or terrorist attack. 

Emergency Situations:

  • Notify community members of the location of the nearest emergency shelter, available bed space, hours of operation during a crisis
  • Notify community members of available evacuation routes during an emergency
  • Activate special public safety teams within the community, based upon an event

Precautionary Warnings:

  • Severe weather warnings
  • Activate a community watch group if mischievous activity is reported by the police
  • Precautionary evacuation order if on high alert
  • Planned Events, like parades and construction


What to do when you receive an emergency alert

In an emergency situation, an alert will be sent by Redwood City authorized personnel and you will receive alerts based on your profile preferences either to email, cell phone, text message or home phone. Read these messages promptly and follow the instructions. Additional instructions may follow throughout the emergency situation so keep your phone near you. Even if the cell phones are busy, text messages should still come through to your phone.

When you do receive an alert message, please follow the instructions on that message. Please do NOT call 911 or an Emergency Communications Center as they are already aware of the emergency -- and your call will tie-up precious resources, further endangering the emergency situation. We will make every effort to update websites in real time with more information about the emergency. In addition, you should tune to local TV and radio.