Arson Prevention

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Besides human error, equipment failure and nature at her worst, some of our fire incidents are caused on purpose, with criminal intent, known as arson. Perpetrators choose to bring harm and destruction to our citizens through the willful burning of property and endangerment of life. The task of controlling this threat falls to specially trained members of both the Police and Fire Departments, who work in unison to bring these individuals to justice.

The awareness of arson mandates skills and training at every level of public safety. To make an arsonist answer for their crime, all resources of the community are stretched to stop this danger at the earliest sign of its presence. Firefighters are at the front line keeping ever alert for the telltale marks of a suspicious fire. Trained Fire Prevention Officers then put together the facts of fire behavior that highlight the act of arson and then summon the team of Police Officers who are key to mounting the investigation. Then the facts are assembled and the district attorneys make every effort to show the motive, means and opportunity that a suspect employed to commit arson. The end result is a safer community, with the realization that vigilance must never be taken for granted.

Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention Program:

A program that is very near and dear to the Redwood City Fire Department is the Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention Program. This program is managed by the Fire Prevention Bureau and assigned to one of the Fire Prevention Officers. Through this program we extend fire safety education and awareness to juveniles and other individuals who may have been involved or participated in illegally setting of fires. These individuals and their respective parents or guardians are brought to the Fire Station where they receive information and education on the consequences of their actions.