Action Plan & Evacuation

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Prepare: Make sure your family, property, and possessions are ready now before a wildfire starts. Most importantly, this includes creating a defensible space around your home, using ignition resistant building materials, providing appropriate access for firefighters and their equipment, and developing a family evacuation plan.

Anticipate: Monitor environmental conditions and know when significant wildfire behavior is expected. When these conditions are present, review your family evacuation plan, check your family To-Go bag, assemble a Disaster Supply Kit and be prepared to evacuate family members and pets on a moment’s notice.

Evacuate: Leave your home in an organized and orderly fashion when instructed by emergency responders. Because you have effectively prepared and anticipated the wildfire event, you will be able to safely and more conveniently relocate until the wildfire threat has passed.


Before a wildfire

As Wildfire Approaches

If Trapped by Wildfire

Wildfire Evacuation

Disaster Supply Kit and Go Bag

Backpack Emergency Go Kit

Wildfire Preparedness for Household Pets

Wildfire Preparedness for Horses

Take Action Tips for Safety Gear