California Wildland Urban Interface Code Information

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 Building & Fire Code Language      Fire Safe Regulations
 Building Code Chapter 7A  PRC 4290
 CA Fire Code Chapter 47  PRC 4291
 CA Building Code Testing Standards  Title 14
 Title 24 California Regulations  Government Code Sections 51175-51189


Protecting a building from wildfire takes a two-pronged approach

  1. Remove flammable materials from around the building
  2. Construct the building of fire resistant material

The law requires that homeowners do fuel modification to 100 feet (or the property line) around their buildings to create a defensible space for firefighters and to protect their homes from wildfires. New building codes will protect buildings from being ignited by flying embers which can travel as much as a mile away from the wildfire. 

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Building Materials Listings for Wildland Urban Interface

The Office of the State Fire Marshal's (SFM) Building Materials Listing Program (BML) was originally created to mandate that all fire alarm systems and fire alarm devices be approved and listed by the State Fire Marshal prior to sale or marketing within the state. The program later was expanded to include many other materials such as: roof coverings, fire resistive wall and ceiling-floor assemblies, wall finish materials, fire and non-fire related hardware, insulating products, fire doors, fire dampers, electrical appliances and devices. Each product approval and listing is based upon an evaluation of test results that include an analysis of required product performance and reliability features. All manufacturers that want to list products in California must have those products tested and labeled by a SFM accredited laboratory. If a product does not qualify for listing but meets the standard of the “Materials and Construction Methods for Exterior Wildfire Exposure,” Chapter 7A of the California Building Code will be listed in the WUI Product Handbook.

WUI Building Materials Testing Standards

Testing Standards CA SFM 12.7A-1, Exterior Wall Siding and Sheathing

Testing Standards CA SFM 12.7A-2, Exterior Windows

Testing Standards CA SFM 12.7A-3, Under Eaves

Testing Standards CA SFM 12.7A-4, Decking

The new building standard for the Fire Hazard Severity Zones will be enforced by the Building Official as projects go through the plan checking process. To best assist them in determining if a product meets the code requirements, the State Fire Marshal's BML Program is accepting applications for materials that meet the new code. These materials will be listed on the SFM BML website and the Wildland Urban Interface Building Codes page of the Wildland Hazards and Building Codes website section. The SFM listing service provides building authorities, architectural and engineering communities, contractors, and the fire service with a reliable and readily available source of information.

Since the materials under Wildland Urban Interface Building Codes (except wood shakes and shingles) are not required by law to be listed by the SFM, the listing for these products are strictly voluntary. Materials not listed by the SFM may still qualify for use provided they met all the requirements under Chapter 7A. If not listed on the SFM site, all documentation and testing certificates showing compliance must be submitted to the building official having jurisdiction for final approval.

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