Roadway Clearance

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The Importance of Roadway Clearance

We operate specialized fire apparatus that helps us navigate the narrow streets and hills of our community.  Even with our state-of-the-art fire engines, we depend on roadways clear of obstructions and overgrown vegetation to access your neighborhood safely and quickly during emergencies.  Cooperation and involvement from homeowners in each hillside neighborhood is critical to prevent obstructions, like illegally parked cars and overgrown vegetation that impede our access and your safe escape in the event of a wildfire.  Your survival during a fast spreading wildfire may depend on vegetation clearance work finished months earlier.

Clear the Way

  • Keep driveways in good shape so help can get to you when you need it most
  • Minimum horizontal clearance is 12 feet
  • Minimum overhead clearance is 13.6 feet
  • Keep bridges, culverts and road surfaces in good repair
  • Make sure the fire department can get through your gate
  • Clear fallen branches and debris as soon as possible


We Hate Being Late

  • Minimum clear opening is 14 feet (or 2 feet wider than roadway, whichever is greater)
  • Minimum setback from main road is 30 feet
  • Gate should be hinged to open away from the main road
  • Make sure fire crews have a means to open your lock
  • Keep gate clear of obstructions and in good repair