No Fireworks in Redwood City

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Fireworks are illegal in Redwood City

Up to $50,000 fines and jail time.

Keep your family and our community safe.

The use of fireworks to commemorate holidays, especially the Fourth of July and other celebratory occasions, has been a tradition in this country going back many years. For nearly 70 years the Peninsula Celebration Association (PCA) has hosted the annual Fireworks Show in Redwood City providing a professional fireworks experience for the community that continues today. The use of fireworks by people unlicensed to display fireworks is illegal in the City of Redwood City as it is in most communities on the peninsula.   


On April 23, City Council approved a resolution to increase the fines associated with illegal fireworks use. The City’s new approved rates for administrative citations are provided below: 

  Recommended Fee
 First Violation, with no written notice provided   $500 for first violation
 First Violation, with written notice provided  $500 for first violation
 Second Violation of the same code section by the same person within a 12-month period of the first violation    $750
 Third Violation and each Subsequent Violation of the same code section by the same person within a 12 month period from the second or most recent violation    $1,000


In addition to the City’s increase in Administrative Citation Fines, someone who violates the State Fireworks Law can be fined and imprisoned. Per California Health & Safety Code Section 18700, penalties for violating the State Fireworks Law can range from fines of $500 to $50,000 and violators also can be imprisoned in the county jail.  



April 23 Staff Report

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