Types of Equipment and Responses/ Equipment Assigned

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Redwood City Fire Department comprises seven fire stations, which include 7 Engines, 1 Ladder Truck, 1 Breathing Support Vehicle, 1 Fire Boat, 2 Rescue Boats, 1 Patrol and 1 Battalion Chief.

IMG_2141Fire Engine

The fire engine is equipped with over 2500' of hose, 500 gallons of water and a pump to pressurize the hoses for firefighting. It carries medical gear, rescue tools and 3 personnel. The personnel consists of 1 Captain, 1 Firefighter/Paramedic, and 1 Firefighter.




TRUCKLadder Truck

The tiller-ladder truck is equipped with various rescue tools, such as the Jaws of Life, chain saws, pry bars and extension ladders. The main ladder extends 100 feet in the air and is used for reaching the 6th & 7th floors in a high rise building, along with providing a water tower for firefighting. The truck carries 4 personnel. The personnel consists of 1 Captain, 1 Firefighter/Paramedic and 2 Firefighters.



BS9-1Breathing Support

The Breathing Support vehicle is a mobile air compressor used to fill the Self Contained Breathing Apparatus used by Firefighters during a fire. This vehicle responds to multiple alarm fires in the south part of San Mateo County and will respond if requested throughout the County. Normally 1 or 2 people will be assigned to this vehicle during a fire.




Battalion Chief VehicleBC3 Type of Equipment

The Battalion Chief's vehicle is used for establishing a command post at the scene of an emergency. It carries a laptop computer, various radios, a fax machine, a printer and a work desk for keeping track of all personnel, Engines and Ladder Trucks. There is 1 person assigned to this vehicle.




PATROLPatrol 12

This type IV engine is used primarily for wildland fires. It is equipped with a full compliment of hose, 400 gallon water tank and a 20 gallon class "A" foam tank. It also carries a variety of hand and power tools. Patrol 12 travels with Engine 12 during wildland season and can be special requested when needed throughout the year.




Fire Boat 9Boat 9 Small

Also known as the "Sequoia Guardian", Fire Boat 9 is a twin jet drive 40 foot vessel capable of fire suppression. It's two motors are able to pump a combined 3500GPM. It is cross staffed by trained personnel when needed.





Rescue Boat 11IMG_2151

The Zodiac RHIB (Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat) is 20 feet long and is used for any type of water rescue in the bay. It carries life jackets, ropes and some rescue gear. It is cross staffed by trained personnel when needed.





Rescue Boat 20

Boat 20 is a 10 foot RHIB that is used for emergencies in the lagoons of Redwood Shores. It is cross staffed by trained personnel when needed. Boat 20 is also used in flooding conditions in removal of citizens from their homes. 


Responses/Equipment Assigned

  • Fires in a single family dwelling: 5 Fire Engines, 1 Ladder Truck, 2 Battalion Chiefs
  • Fires or fire alarms in a high rise building or hospital: 4 Fire Engines, 2 Ladder Trucks, 2 Battalion Chiefs
  • Vehicle accidents: 1 Fire Engine, 1 Ladder Truck, 1 Battalion Chief.
  • Public Assist such as a flooding condition in your home: 1 Fire Engine
  • Medical Emergencies such as heart attack, stroke or general first aid: 1 Fire Engine
  • Water Rescue: 1 Zodiac (staffed by an Engine company), 1 Battalion Chief
  • Hazardous Materials spills: 2 Fire Engines, 1 Ladder Truck, 1 Battalion Chief