Explore ABCmouse at Home!

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Redwood City Public Library is excited to announce that ABCmouse, an online educational resource, is now available for use at home!

What is ABCmouse?

ABCmouse is an interactive and engaging resource for children ages 2 to 8, with educational concepts and activities that are designed to provide a stronger learning foundation for school. Created by nationally recognized early childhood education experts the ABCmouse curriculum incorporate themes such as reading, phonics, sight words, math, art, geography, music, and much, much more. Activities are also available in Spanish, with new content being added monthly. Lessons are tailored to specific ages, intended for children to learn important educational basics (often referred to as "the ABC’s") through the use of a computer mouse. ABCmouse even features learning assessments and reward systems, to measure your child’s progress through the curriculum.

How can I use ABCmouse?

ABCmouse can be used within the library. It is accessible from the public computers or from your own computer or device when it is connected to the library WiFi.  Want to bring it home? Visit the Fair Oaks Branch Library for one of our home use devices or checkout a license online. To checkout an ABCmouse 4-Week license for home use:

Step 1: Visit ABCmouse

Step 2: Click on "Check out account"

Step 3: Enter your information and select either "Redwood City Public Library," "Redwood Shores Branch Library," or "Schaberg Branch Library" and press submit.

Step 4: If a license is available, you will see "An ABCmouse.com account is available for your library." Enter a password a password, agree to the terms and hit the "Submit" button.

Step 5: Create a user profile.

If a license is not available, you will be put on the waitlist for the next available license.

Creating a Profile in ABCmouse

Step 1: Watch short video called "Getting Started.

Step 2: Create a Parent Account.

Step 3: Create a Child Account (you can add up to three children on an account).

Step 4 (optional): You will be given the choice to do an assessment for your child/children. It is recommended that you do so. This will help you to determine what your child needs to work on in ABCmouse. You will have an opportunity to do another assessment at the end of the four weeks to track progress.

Step 5: Explore games and activities on ABCmouse.


ABCmouse is accessible on smart devices, downloadable through the app store on iOS, Android and Amazon.